ROWR is changing the exercise landscape in Cork, creating a shockwave that will change the way you work up a sweat. This is a high energy, whole body, low impact workout for everybody. Those who know row.






The ROWR workout uses indoor rowing machines to provide low-impact, high-intensity cardio training while the interval floor exercises offer a total body overhaul! It is an intense and challenging class that works you from head to toe, leaving you fitter, leaner, stronger and totally sculpted. Why work different muscles on different days when you can work them all in one workout with us?

Our classes are challenging but designed to be inclusive – the main thing to remember is that you don’t have to be an elite rower or super fit, you just have to want a great workout. Don’t worry though, if you are an elite rower or super fit, the workout will still leaving you dripping in sweat and wanting more.

Join our crew and race yourself. Expect a high energy, endorphin-boosting indoor-rowing workout in an inspiring environment. Other gyms have clients – we have a crew.
We leave no one behind. Those who know row.