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Once your alarm goes off, everything you do will set the tone for the entire day. Ultimately, the best way to start your day will be slightly different for everybody and will depend on your circumstances – do you have to worry about just you or do you have to get kids up and ready for the day? Do you have to be at work super early or do you have a later or more flexible start? Do you like to workout early before work or does the thought of a morning sweat make you want to hide under the covers? And maybe you are not a morning person at all but more of a night owl but your job demands that you get up early anyway? We recommend that you tweak the routine to best suit your life so we have made suggestions and the order of things isn’t set in stone

Ding – A – Ling!

How you wake up is important. If natural light and birdsong is all you need to rouse you out of your dreams – kudos! We need something a little more heavy duty at times so here is what we recommend. At ROWR, we’re not such a fan of the standard alarm tones so we recommend picking a power morning song and have that as your alarm. It can be anything but we suggest something that will put you in a good mood – and often the cheesier the better!

Once your alarm goes off – GET UP! Stop the snoozing, it is only making you feel worse! Set your alarm for the time you need to get up and then just get out of bed! We guarantee you’ll feel fresher than if you had spent 20 mins drifting in and out of poor quality snoozing and banging your phone every 5 minutes.

If you can, leave your phone at the other side of the room so you are less tempted to snooze and so that you don’t spend the first 10 minutes of your day scrolling on Instagram. That can wait!

ROWR NOTE: Don’t spend your first few minutes awake on your phone. Give your brain a chance to wake up before it has to deal with Instagram, ok?

Drink up !

Bring a pint of water to bed with you (yes a pint, you haven’t had a drop to drink for ages and you need to hydrate, a small glass just won’t cut it!) and before you do anything – drink up! This probably sounds hard if it’s not something you are already doing but do it while you are still half asleep and you’ll be down to your last drop before you know it! The water will help to rehydrate you and help to kick start your system – this can often help you feel hungrier for breakfast as well if you struggle to eat in the mornings.

ROWR NOTE: You do have to do this first thing, putting off water is non-negotiable.

Get out !

Your next step is to get into cosy clothes and get out the door. Assuming you have not got an exercise class booked (we do an express class on Wednesdays at 6.30am and Fridays at 6.15am if you are a fan of a morning sweat) get outside for a walk. This can be any length of a walk, it can be 5 minutes around the block or 5 miles around the county so it is doable for anyone – whether you’ve got loads of time and the weather is great or you have to get the kids up for school and it’s lashing. Whatever the weather, get outside! The light early in the day will help to keep your circadian rhythm in check, the movement is great for stretching out your body after spending an extended period of time all curled up and being out in the fresh air before the world has woken up is so good for boosting your mood! We guarantee you’ll feel invigorated no matter how long you get out for.

ROWR NOTE: If you walk or cycle to work then you don’t need to add in an extra walk. And if you don’t walk to work but you could – why don’t you try it a few days this week and see how you get on?

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

If you answered ‘as far away from me as possible’ – fear not! We’re not saying you HAVE to eat breakfast first thing. Julette usually gets up and does her water and walk and shower and then teaches a class or sees a client or two from 6am-8am and then has breakfast and coffee. If you are hungry for breakfast soon after you wake up, then go for it. You can time your first meal for whenever suits your schedule and your stomach but don’t leave it too late. In terms of what to eat – try to make it balanced. Try to get some protein, fats and carbs in and ideally, some vegetables. It might sound hard to get vegetables in first thing but breakfast ‘muffins’ (basically like an omelette or frittata but just baked in a muffin tin) can include peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, finely chopped broccoli, asparagus or whatever veggies you like and you can also add cheese (I love feta which is also a good option if you don’t tolerate cows dairy very well) or chicken or ham or smoked salmon as well to add extra taste and protein hit to the eggs. Salt/pepper/franks red hot sauce/herbs are all great to season. You can cook the veggies in avocado oil or butter before you add them to the egg mix for extra healthy fats and serve the frittata/muffins with some avocado.

If you prefer porridge in the morning and you make it with a nut milk instead of cow’s milk, just remember that you’re not getting much protein or fat in this meal so try to add nuts/seeds, add some berries or other fruit and maybe some nut butter.

Make your morning something to look forward to

Get your favourite coffee on your way to work or have really delicious coffee to make at home. Have a shower gel you love to use in the morning and give yourself plenty of time to get ready because being in a rush is always stressful and no one needs that stress before your day has even started. If you have a long commute, listen to your favourite podcast or audiobook or ring a friend who is also commuting for a chat. Whatever you can do to make your morning something you look forward to, do it and enjoy it!

Quick hacks to make you feel extra productive in the morning to set you up for a winning day!

  • Make your bed
  • Put on a load of washing
  • Do a quick tidy
  • Write a to do list or plan your day
  • Plan your meals and shopping list for the week
  • Write an email or card you’ve been meaning to send to a friend for a while
  • Once a month, write all your birthday cards for that month
  • Organise your computer desktop – delete files you no longer need and organise things into folders
  • Book your exercise classes for the week
  • Pick a big task and divide it into chunks and do 5 mins every morning like organising your wardrobe or kitchen cupboards
  • Track your expenses from the day before – this can be especially helpful if you are trying to save for a big purchase, a house deposit etc.
  • Spend 5 mins writing down things you have accomplished, both personal and professional. Doing this regularly will help you keep track of all the small wins, especially at work which can be especially helpful when it comes to updating your CV or preparing for an interview for a new job
  • Pack your lunch or make double breakfast and have it ready for the next day
  • Prepare dinner and put it in the slow cooker
  • Spend 10 minutes researching something you have been meaning to – a holiday destination, a further education course, new books
  • Wash your make up brushes
  • Throw out all your old socks/underwear

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