Why those who know ROW!

By September 26, 2019Blog

We have been asked so many questions recently about the ROWR concept so here is all you need to know!

The ROWR method

Our promise to you is that ROWR is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. We created what we knew was desperately missing from the fitness landscape in Ireland and from the feedback from everyone who has ROWRed with us so far, you were missing it too!

What can you expect at a ROWR class?

You can expect rowing on our state of the art Concept2 rowing machines (ergs). You can expect distance rows, intervals, sprints, all of the cardio options you could dream off – and then some! Anyone who thinks rowing is boring needs to try this class! It’s like thinking that driving is boring; well trust us, up to now you’ve only been for a Sunday spin with your granny, this is like calling a taxi and Michael Schumacher shows up. Strap in and get ready!

We then pair those rowing sessions with functional strength work both on and off the erg. Know that every single session you take at our studio is going to be phenomenal – our coaches are the most experienced and they structure each session to push you to your limits, wherever you own limits are so there is no need to be afraid that you won’t be able for the class. If you can sit down – you can row! We have first-time rowers in every class and you work to your own ability while pushing yourself to work so much harder than you ever would on your own. Lots of our clients tell us that they work even harder in a class with us than they do in a PT session because the buzz of the group just pushes you to finish those last few metres strong.

This will change the way you think about moving, training and exercising. This is your chance to train with coaches who have all competed at an international level and are hugely passionate about the unique benefits a rowing workout can provide to every single person, especially those who are sceptical. Improve your cardio endurance, stamina and explosive power, improve your strength in all your muscle groups. Correct rowing technique combats what we call the ‘9-5 posture’, think about how you spend all day hunched over a screen, rowing will have you upright and tall and will strengthen you in that position.

More than just a workout, you get to feel the buzz and the energy from every other erg in the room and the experience of a group of people on the same stroke. Rowing hard in sync with everyone is incredible, everything leaves your mind and you just focus on the stroke. The beauty is in the simplicity – no complicated routines, just legs/body/arms – arms/body/slide, the beat of the music, the rhythm of the stroke and the cheering of your coach. It’s basically meditation – if meditation was sweaty!

ROWR is also the perfect low-impact exercise option and we have found it even better than swimming for a lot of our ROWR crew. Why? Well because you have concrete touch points – your feet, your hands and your seat are all connected to the erg so you can ground into the machine and allow the resistance to support you.

We ROWR as a crew, we meet you at your current fitness level and leave no-one behind. This is your crew, the only question is, are you ready to ROWR?

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