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By October 1, 2019Blog

Julette Jones is the founder of ROWR, Ireland’s first fully integrated rowing studio, a unique fitness space where the incredible benefits of a rowing workout are accessible to everyone, not just to those with access to a rowing club. Her aim was to create a space that would revolutionise how we thought about cardio fitness classes and she has done just that.

Julette had years of experience in the boutique fitness space, owning a popular Pilates and Barre studio and she was a much sought after instructor, renowed for transforming her clients’ bodies in record time. Her clients loved their Pilates classes but more and more, started asking Julette for a cardio option that was low impact and suitable for them. They had tried everything – running, HIIT classes, spinning and either found the classes too jarring on their joints or boring. Julette always recommended the rowing machine as an excellent cardio option but here was the crux – most personal trainers knew nothing about proper rowing technique, nevermind how to teach it to their clients, so the benefits of the rowing machine were not being maximised. Julette wanted to create a shockwave that would change the way people thought about cardio and working up a sweat.

ROWR was born in a completely refurbished warehouse just outside Cork city with the best rowing machines on the market. ROWR is a high energy, low impact, high octane workout suitable for everybody. No rowing experience required – the founder didn’t have a background in rowing so she is proof that this workout works for everybody! ROWR is for you if you want something more from your workout; the classes are meticulously planned and then seamlessly delivered so you always have a unique experience in a beautiful setting. Our aim is to empower you, our studio guest to unlock your potential and we created an environment to ensure that you improve your performance with every ROWR class. Our approach is driven by technique; our coaches have not only rowed on an international stage but have years of experience coaching beginners and so they ensure in every class that every stroke is performed safely and correctly.

Julette is excited to continue to expand the ROWR studio in Cork and is looking forward to welcoming you to the ROWR studio soon.

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