The ‘Suits’ workout

By October 1, 2019Blog

Ok so we decided that if you are gonna be Netflixing (the chilling is none of our business!) then we can make you fitter as you watch. So settle in for season 7 and thank us when you’re as hawt as Harvey Specter!

10 squats

Everytime Mike says something self-righteous to Harvey about how corporate law is just the worst. Even though he is a corporate lawyer. In a corporate law firm. Yeah, pot kettle much ?!

10 lunges

Every time Harvey says something d*ckish to Donna. Oh and 5 lunges for when he later apologises. You may reduce it to 8 lunges every time Donna says something whithering back. Yeah, she’s a legend.

10 sit ups

Everytime Louis sees his therapist. Who incidentally reminds us of Dr Lipschitz from the Rugrats! No? Just us?

30 second plank

Everytime a character is having a totally normal conversation and then out of nowhere, has a lightbulb moment of genius about a case they are working on. Even though it’s literally like they are saying ‘wait, what did you just say? Orange juice contains Vitamin C. Which means I know where the last Horcrux is!’. Not buying it.

7 push ups

Every time a character storms out of a scene. For literally no reason. In a supposed-to-be professional setting. We are definitely trying this with the office Karen on Monday.

Happy watching! And you can always let us know if you have any other shows you would like us to design a workout for. Just not the Angelus or anything about Brexit, k?

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