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By October 2, 2019Blog

We get it, it’s hard! Life is busy and as the weather gets wetter, it can be more tempting to leg it to the couch than to a class. So here are some practical tips (and a tiny bit of tough love!) to motivate you to get a serious sweat on this winter!

Make a commitment and stick to it

The key to this is knowing your personality type. Many of us hate the idea of letting someone down so book a sweat sesh with a friend – a walk, a class, a run, whatever it is, knowing that you are going to let someone down by being a no-show can often be enough motivation to get you to commit to and show up to your workout. Or maybe you book a class at a studio and if you don’t show up, you lose your class fee – the cost can be an extra incentive to show up. Or maybe every time you miss or skip a workout for an invalid reason (i.e. Netfix and the couch was calling, not because you broke your leg!) you don’t get to buy your fancy coffee in the morning and instead, have to drink the office mud-water coffee. However you work it, make sure to schedule your workout, stick to your commitment and have a plan in place if you try to skip out on your session.

Variety is the spice of life

How about you try one new workout every week? A different class or even just something like ‘this week I will only take the stairs no matter where I am going or how many stairs there are’. Or maybe this week you will walk or cycle to work. Or your new workout this week can be walking your neighbour’s dog every day after work. Or maybe you are watching the new season of ‘Suits’ and everytime a character says ‘goddammit!!’ you do 10 jumping jacks and everytime there is a dramatic pause for no reason, you do 10 squats. Think outside the box (jump) and mix up how you get active and know that small, consistent changes can add up over time.

Kick it up a notch

If your workouts are high intensity then you get more bang for your buck. A rowing workout equals hours of walking for example. So don’t be afraid to turn the heat up for more return on your time invested.

Stop doing workouts you really hate

Because they are so much easier to say no to! If you don’t like the trainer or the vibe or the smell where you are currently going, move! There have literally never been more workout options so find one you love!

Always be prepared

Ok so we stole this one from the scouts but they had a point. Having your kit in the car means you are ready for a class if you get off the waitlist and not going home before you train in the evening means there is more chance of you actually going to your class or training session. Pack your gear, pack a snack and get it all done before you go home!

And here is the tough love

Most people are in denial about their health. We all have reasons for not exercising, but it all often comes down to time management and fear. Fear you’ll get hurt. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure. But what we’d be better off being afraid of is what will happen if we don’t exercise. How will a sedentary lifestyle be affecting you next year? In five or 10 years? You don’t have time to make a class now but will you have time for multiple doctors appointments? Will you have the time and money to take medication every day to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes? What about when you’re 70 and you don’t have the strength in your legs or arms to push yourself out of a chair? And what do you stand to GAIN by finally taking your health off the back burner? Because your health is for life, not just for bikini season.

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