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Think you’re ready to ROWR but still have a few questions? Here is everything you ever wanted to know!

Do you offer a monthly membership?

No. ROWR does not offer memberships. It does not require any long-term commitment. Rather, you can buy as many or as few classes as you like. If you want to buy one class, that’s fine. But, if you’re rowing regularly, our larger class packs offer a price discount. We do however have a 30 day unlimited class pass for new clients only.

What if I can’t do everything in the class? I haven’t worked out in a while.

One of the best things about indoor rowing is that it can be adapted to any fitness level and with every class comes increased confidence and strength, so we encourage first timers to go at their own pace and have fun. Listen to our coaches and find your rhythm on the erg – speed will come after that! It takes a few classes to feel the connection to the fan and to feel the rhythm become fluid.

I’m new, what is ROWR like?

Welcome to Ireland’s only indoor rowing studio! We have first-timers in lots of our classes.  At ROWR, you will get an incredible workout as our unique system works your entire body from head to toe, working every muscle with every stroke. Rowing is low-impact so it is safe for your joints and extremely efficient. This is one of the most effective cardio workouts you can do, working 85% of your muscles, improving your endurance and transforming your body shape. Expect lots of high intensity rowing intervals interspersed with recovery and complementary sculpting, toning and strength building intervals on the floor. The entire class is set to high-energy music with phenomenal instructors, motivating you and encouraging you to race yourself with every stroke.

If you are new, please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class so we can show you around and get you set up. Your coach will ask you some questions about any previous injuries and your goals so make sure to let them know about anything you are working with so they can give you the most help.

I’ve never been on a rowing machine before, can I come to ROWR?

Absolutely! We can’t wait to help you get familiar with the rowing machine (erg). Come a few minutes before class so we can be sure to get you set up and ready to row. The technique might seem complicated but our coaches are experienced working with total rowing newbies and will break it down for you. There will be some technique drills as part of every warm up so we reinforce the best habits before the workout gets into full swing. And remember that it may take a few classes before you really “get it” and become addicted to rowing (like the rest of us!) so make the most of our intro packs. You can also book a personal training session with any of our coaches so you can really drill down into your technique and get the most out of your classes. 

Who teaches ROWR classes?

ROWR coaches come from various backgrounds but all share a common passion for the erg — some are competitive rowers, some simply love rowing for fitness or to cross train.  All ROWR coaches are here to show you why this is the best full-body cardio workout — and make you feel at home!

What should I bring?

Just you! We offer sweat towels and changing facilities as well as Water Wipes! We also have water for purchase if you forget yours. We recommend clothing that isn’t too loose or baggy so nothing gets caught in the machine and you will need to wear trainers as well – keep in mind that a thinner sole on your trainer will help you to feel more connected to the erg.

Where is ROWR located?

We are located at Unit 6, Monahan Rd Industrial Park, Monahan Rd

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