Who is ROWR

By October 7, 2019Blog

From the front of house team to the trainers, ours are the best of the best. Experienced both on and off the water as well as years of experience coaching rowers and training non-rowers we are here to inspire you and to encourage you as you find your fittest, strongest self.

Meet Alan!

With a rowing career that started in 2004, Alan brings 12 years of competitive rowing experience to ROWR and he is still training hard for international competition – if you are up early enough, you will see him doing battle on the training ground of the Lee every morning! More importantly, he brings a huge amount of passion to every class he teaches. Alan is a Sports Management graduate and brings a wealth of experience to ROWR. He has trained rowers, non-rowers, Olympians and people starting out in fitness with zero experience and is passionate about coaching people to find their best – their best body, their best fitness, their best mindset, their best health. When you train with Alan, you work hard – because he knows how to coach an amazing session and because you feel like you are on his Olympic team and you are going to row until you win! Alan teaches ROWR classes every Monday and is available for private training sessions

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