Here’s all you know if it’s your first time to ROWR.

I’m new, what is ROWR like?

Welcome! We have first-timers in lots of our classes.  At ROWR, you will get an incredible workout as our unique system works your entire body from head to toe, working every muscle with every stroke. Rowing is low-impact so it is safe for your joints and extremely efficient. It is no coincidence that we work with rowing machines (ergs) – this is one of the most effective cardio workouts you can do, working 85% of your muscles, improving your endurance and transforming your body. Expect lots of high intensity rowing intervals interspersed with recovery and complementary sculpting, toning and strength building intervals on the floor.
The entire class is set to high-energy music with phenomenal instructors, motivating you and encouraging you to race yourself with every stroke.

If you are new, please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class so we can show you around and get you set up. Your coach will ask you some questions about any previous injuries and your goals so make sure to let them know about anything you are working with so they can give you the most help.

I’ve never been on an erg before, can I come to ROWR?

Absolutely! We can’t wait to help you get familiar with the rowing machine (erg). Come a few minutes before class so we can be sure to get you set up and ready to row. The technique might seem complicated but our coaches are experienced working with total rowing newbies and will break it down for you. There will be some technique drills as part of every warm up so we reinforce the best habits before the workout gets into full swing. And remember that it may take a few classes before you really “get it” and become addicted to rowing (like the rest of us!) so make the most of our intro packs.

I’m not very fit/I’m overweight? Can I come to ROWR?

Yes! Rowing is low impact and it is certainly one of the most effective forms of exercise offering a low risk of injury. You can expect to be challenged to improve your fitness but in an incredibly supportive environment with highly experienced and trained teachers.
You can take the class at your own pace, we are all in this together but on the rower, it is you against you and you can go as hard or as moderately as you need.

Who teaches ROWR classes?

ROWR coaches come from various backgrounds but all share a common passion for the erg — some are competitive rowers, some simply love rowing for fitness or to cross train.  All ROWR coaches are here to show you why this is the best full-body cardio workout — and make you feel at home! To learn more about our crew, please click here.

Do you offer Private Training?

Yes! We offer private sessions for people who want to get started or for clients who wish to take their training to the next level. We also do private group sessions and private events. Contact us at 085-8542711 or [email protected] for more details or to book a private session. You can also book online at

What should I bring?

We do not have shower facilities (we are working on that!) but we do offer sweat towels and changing facilities as well as Water Wipes!
We also have water for purchase if you forget yours.

We have complimentary Nespresso coffee and herbal teas for you to enjoy before or after class.

We recommend clothing that isn’t too loose or baggy so nothing gets caught in the machine and you will need to wear trainers as well.

What are your prices?

We offer packages and memberships, click here to check out or pricing options and if you are not sure what would suit you best, just get in touch and we can guide you in the right direction. We also offer a discount for students, get in touch for more info.

What is the best way to book my classes?

You can book online or through the MindBody app.
We advise booking classes 7 days in advance as certain class times fill up quickly. Make sure to subscribe to get emails from us when you sign up online so you can stay up to speed on new studios, schedule changes, challenges and special events.

If a class is full, is it worth putting my name on the waitlist?

Yes! ROWR clients are asked to cancel 12 hours prior to the class if they are unable to make it so others can take the spot. If you do get added to a class, you will receive an e-mail notification and we will assume you will be attending. If you realise that you can no longer attend the class, then please remove yourself from the waitlist or just email to let us know. You can always chance coming to the studio on the chance that someone doesn’t show up and you can jump on an erg!

What is your class cancellation policy?

If you can’t make a class, we ask for a 12-hour notice so that your class won’t be forfeited. Our space in ROWR is limited, so this gives us ample time to give someone else your rowing machine.

When I go to the MindBody scheduler, it keeps bringing up another studio that I have been to. What is wrong?

This is because you are logged in to another MindBody Studio. Simply press log out on Mind Body and then go back and click the link again, and you should be fine. Or, download the Mind Body Connect App, which should help take care of this problem since you can book classes for multiple studios at once.