From the front of house team to the trainers, ours are the best of the best. With years of experience both on and off the water, as well as coaching rowers and training non-rowers alike, we are here to inspire you and to encourage you as you find your fittest, strongest self.

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Starting his rowing career in 2004, Alan brings 12 years of competitive rowing experience to ROWR. I fact, he is still training hard for international competition and if you are up early enough, you will see him doing battle on the training ground of the Lee every morning. Alan is a Sports Management graduate and brings a wealth of experience to Rowr. He has trained rowers, non-rowers Olympians and people starting out in fitness with zero experience and is passionate about coaching people to find their best – their best body, their strongest, fittest, healthiest body ever. When you train with Alan, you work hard – because he knows how to coach an amazing session and because you feel like you are on his Olympic team and you are going to row until you win! Alan teaches ROWR classes every Monday and is available for private training sessions



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Grace started coastal rowing in 2013 in Union hall and she has two senior gold All-Ireland medals, 4 All-Ireland medals overall and her team was unbeaten in the county and in the league in 2015 and 2016. When you meet Grace, you’ll understand why they were unbeaten! She brings an unparalleled passion to the world of fitness. She cares that you get a great workout and that your form is strong and she cares that you have fun, work hard and enjoy the workout.
Grace studied Equine Therapy in Canada after years of working with and riding racehorses in Ireland and on coming back to Ireland, Grace found a love to equal that of rowing – Crossfit! She loves to challenge herself and we can’t wait for her to challenge you! Her classes are FUN – she takes fitness seriously but she is so full of energy and enthusiasm, you won’t even notice how hard you are working (until the next day!)!
Grace currently teaches classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings and is available for private training sessions.



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Stephen started to row in 2012 after a knee injury ruled him out of rugby and hurling and he has been making waves ever since. Stephen captained his school rowing team and has won Irish and international titles, continuing to challenge himself and others by winning a place on the 2018 national rowing team.

As well as teaching classes at ROWR, Stephen is a rowing coach with Rowing Ireland, working on the ‘Get Going Get Rowing’ initiative, as well as being heavily involved with the Cork Sport’s Partnership programme, working with young people with special needs.

Stephen’s attention to detail and love of all the nitty gritty technical details as well as his passion for coaching and keen eye make him a triple threat. Stephen has no shortage of motivation for you and gets the very most out of everyone he trains, regardless of experience or fitness levels. Expect an epic workout, you will leave feeling like you have left everything on the erg but are ready for anything !¬†Stephen coaches personal training sessions, teaches classes on Wednesdays and coaches a ‘Couch to 2k’ learn to row session session on Mondays

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