It’s rowing and so much more. Alternating intervals on and off the rower is our not so secret weapon – high intensity sweat, low impact burn, all over results.
Be fitter – intervals on the rower include sprints, covering some distance and big pushes of all out effort for a limited time. Expect increased heart health and a cardio boost.
Be stronger – off rower intervals include total body strengthening with modifications to make things more manageable or more challenging. We set the pace, you race yourself.
Be part of the crew – those who know row.

Your Level

Ok so you’ve read all about it and it sounds terrifying. Not only are you not a rower, but you’re not even a little bit fit. You have no reason to be afraid, we promise! You are part of our crew and we leave no-one behind. Rowing is a low-impact workout and our coaches are both highly qualified and experienced and meet everyone at their level. This is a new era of fitness.

Your studio

Nestled just behind the River Lee, your ROWR house is all set for you with luxe changing areas, plenty of storage, free Nespresso coffee and Pukka teas in reception. We work with Concept 2 Rowers, considered the industry standard as well as free weights and of course, our secret weapon, our trainers! We have free parking in front on the studio and an extensive timetable of classes. We love a social sweat sesh and believe in a friendly, welcoming environment where you set your own goals but you train as a crew. Imagine – all the fun of being part of a team, without the pressure of feeling like you won’t measure up! ROWR is all the benefits of small group training with 1-1 coaching with the extra drive and motivation and endorphin boost of working out with like-minded people!


Putting the rower front and centre, we know we can give you the best workout of your life. Often left forgotten in the corner of a gym or just used for a warm up, our coaches know the power of the erg.

A runner who wants an effective way to cross-train? Maybe you have picked up an injury and can’t keep your mileage up but you don’t want to lose your strength or fitness. Grab the handle and get rowing. Have a back condition or problems with your joints and love the feeling of a run but it just doesn’t suit your body anymore? Those who know row.

Love strength training but hate the idea of ‘cardio’? We promise, let us push you to your limits and we know your ROWR session will be the one you look forward to most. Rowing uses up to 85% of your body’s muscle with every stroke but think about the shape of someone when they row – strong legs, strong core, long back and open chest. We are spending more and more of our time rounded over desks and hunched over computers and rowing is the perfect antidote, strengthening all your postural muscles as well as improving your health and fitness.